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I was really impressed with 'Ask the Expert'. My expert's response was personal, showed a great understanding of my question (I felt really heard) and answered my question from many angles. As a result, I could see the 'problem' from several other perspectives and had great insights on what might be going on and what I could do about it.  

  - M. Terry, Executive Director, It Takes a Village


I've been a front line supervisor, mid-level manager, senior leader and a leadership trainer and I have never seen anything like instantaccess.  The Micro Learnings are perfect for today's busy leader. Where else can you master a leadership skill in 10-15 minutes whenever and wherever it is convenient?

I was impressed with the extensive library of leadership resources as well...especially the Tip Sheets.

  - Jennifer M Jolly, Luxury Yacht Sales, Marketing and Business/Dealer Development Manager, The Catamaran Company




instantaccess allows me to improve my leadership skills on-demand. As a busy CEO, I can learn in mini doses at my convenience, instead of attending a class or seminar. I love it!

  - Danielle Tate, Founder and President,

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